Adult Seasonal Flu Campaign 2017

Important news about this year’s flu vaccination campaign!

Influenza is a highly infectious respiratory illness which is extremely debilitating and can cause death, particularly in at risk groups.  That is why it is so important for those at risk to have the annual vaccination to protect themselves and to lessen the possibility of passing the virus on to others.

This year there has been a major development in the nature of the flu vaccination.  There are different types of flu virus.  People who get flu mainly get it from either one of 2 strains of A type virus or one of two strains of B type virus.  In previous years the formulation of the vaccine has protected against the 2 most common A types but only one of the B type.  This is known as a trivalent vaccine.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) has had to predict which type of B strain will be the most common in the coming year.  SOMETIMES THEY HAVE GOT IT WRONG!  This year, Bentham Medical Practice has procured Quadrivalent vaccine.  This protects against the two main A strains AND the two main B strains.  Not all providers of the vaccine will have this new formulation.  Many will have the old trivalent type.  Having this vaccination will give you 25% less protection against influenza.

We will be beginning our vaccination campaign at the beginning of October and there will be plenty of advance information on when and where the clinics will be held.  If you do decide to get your vaccination elsewhere make sure that the provider has the new type of vaccine.