Is your community “dementia-friendly?

Is your community “dementia-friendly?

What is a “dementia-friendly” community”?

People with memory problems have told us that for them, a “dementia friendly community” is one which supports them to:

  • carry on doing the same things they have always done – like going to the shops, getting on a bus, playing golf, or just sitting in a park.
  • find their way around and feel safe
  • keep in touch with people and feel that they belong in their community.

What can help to make a community “dementia-friendly”?

Memory problems can make these things more difficult – but things can be made easier if we live in a community which is easy to find our way around and in which people are helpful and supportive. For example – people have told us that things that help include:

  • People who understand about memory problems – this can be people in shops, bus drivers, friends and family or anyone you come into contact with.
  • Clear signposting, so people know where they are going and where things are.
  • Clearly-written information on things like bus timetables or leaflets about services.
  • Being able to spend time with other people in a similar situation

Why are we doing this survey?

We want to find out what people with memory problems do in your area, what facilities they use, and what helps or hinders them. We want to find out more about what makes places easier to live in for people with memory problems. It would be a big help to us if you could let us know what you think by answering our short survey; there are only 10 questions.

Thank you for your time – Craven Dementia Friendly Communities

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